How to care for your Resin Worktops

Look after your resin worktops and they will look gorgeous for years ...

Care Instructions

How to get the best from your Resin worktops

  • Once fully cured, resin boards are extremely hard wearing but, like many high shine surfaces, care should be taken when using sharp objects or harsh chemicals (such as acetone), or the finish can be damaged
  • Make sure to mop up any spillages immediately with a clean dry cloth. If liquids, such as red wine, tea, coffee, or even tomato sauce, are left to lie on a resin surface, they can begin to react with the resin which will cause discolouration.
  • Ensure no excess water is left around areas where there are cuts, joints or holes. Do not leave damp cloths, sponges or any other wet items on the edges of the worktop as this area is more susceptible to water ingress.
  • General cleaning of the surface requires only a damp cloth and a mild detergent or non abrasive cleaner diluted with warm water. Abrasive scouring powders, creams and polishes should be avoided.
  • Any potentially persistent stains should be wiped immediately. Buff the worktop after cleaning with a soft cloth.

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